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Montag, 6. Juni 2011, 19 Uhr, im RC:

THE ROLLBACK OF TRADE UNIONS RIGHTS IN THE U.S.A.: The Case of Wisconsin (Presentation and Discussion in English)

A field report by Cory WANEK (Board member of the Wisconsin Education Association Council), Moderator: Wilfried ALTZINGER (University of Economics, Vienna) Hosted by: BEIGEWUM,  and Rep. Club On February 11, 2011, newly elected Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker presented his budget repair bill. He said the budget deficit of over $3 billion is the main reason he needs to pass his law stripping away most bargaining rights from pubic sector employees. This law is not only about fiscal items but also to widen the political power gap. It will take power away from workers and concentrate it more with the businesses and the Republican Party. This change will have implications that are not only local but also national and international.

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